FR 4/17 Esoteric Freemasonry

Fraternal Review is het tijdschrift van de Southern California Research Lodge, een studieloge met interesse in esoterie. Het tijdschrift wordt in beperkte oplage gedrukt verspreid, maar je kunt alle nummers in PDF bestellen.

Dit nummer gaat over Esoteric Freemasonry. Twee citaten:

The term “esoteric” has been controversial for many Masons, perhaps because it has served as a catchall for “all things mysterious,” found in bookstores alongside writings on the New Age, divination, UFO’s, parapsychology, magic, and channeling. When Quatuor Coronati Lodge No 2076 (“the world’s premier research lodge”) was established in 1884, it formed the “authentic school” of Masonic research. This school has stood in contrast to the “esoteric school,” which studies our symbolism and interprets Masonic legends and ceremonies as allegories. The authentic school studies our history with an evidence-based approach, to address the concern that Masonic legends had been confused with actual history.

We at the Fraternal Review reject such intolerant attitudes as un-Masonic. So-called “Exoteric Masons”—brothers who aren’t primarily focused on symbolism—are far from “slothful,” often
serving as the most dedicated and hard-working key players in the administrative, social, and community service aspects of Freemasonry. “Esoteric Masons”—more focused on philosophy and symbolism—bring light to Masonic education programs that support the personal and spiritual growth of all our brothers.

In het nummer staat ook een aankondiging van het boeiende boek Freemasonry and the Esoteric Tradition which waarin een Traditionalistische benadering van Vrijmetselarij te vinden is.

Bestel dit nummer hier.

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